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The coaching app for the sustainability of employees and executives.
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What is ShamanX?

ShamanX is the coaching app, that helps People take charge of their career… and their life. Whether you are feeling stressed, need more balance or wish to be more efficient, you will find support from acclaimed coaches and distinguished authors with instant Programs and actionable Tips.

You are empowered to acquire a new skill every week to be more efficient and improve work… and life balance.

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Explore leading interests

Access a growing library of instant Programs. Discover the latest recommendations for you and practice innovative Programs to meet your everyday needs and reach your personal goals.

Our featured coaches

Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Emma is a Therapist & Life Coach with a passion for Holistic Health & Wellbeing. She specializes in Psychology, Counseling, Coaching, Relationships/Communication, Personal Growth/Development, Stress Management & Life Balance. Emma lives in the countryside in New England, USA with her husband, son and pets.

Master Certified Coach

Dr. Catherine is an International Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach, Leadership Development Professional, Queen of Transformation, a Creative Soul Adventurer, a Theorist and Provocateur of Change, and… an Agent of Philosophy. She is also the author of 'Getting to the Heart of the Matter'. In addition to this life-changing book, Catherine regularly shares her insights in articles for newspapers and magazines.

ShamanX Contributor

In love with words, ever since she was a little girl, the city of Paris gifted Pamii the opportunity to live her dreams. She now writes to help others do the same. As a lifelong advocate of personal development, she believes that we as humans are always capable of doing better. Her Mantra: Action cures fear. Realize your potential and act on it!

Personal Development and Yoga Coach

Chris is a wellness advocate, freedom seeker, and inspiration junkie. She believes in helping you pursue what makes you deeply and uniquely happy and sharing your purpose and gifts with the world.

Personal and Organizational Coach

Logan is a Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach who brings humor and lightness to the work of personal transformation. She creates easy-but-powerful tools and techniques for shifting self-limiting mindsets. She delights in proving that creating the life we want doesn't have to be hard.

Professional Development Coach

Holly is a passionate learner and teacher, committed to helping others "excel in the business of life." She's an experienced vocational coach, team facilitator, and interpersonal communications expert. She's happiest at the intersection of vegan food, outdoor adventure, and good conversations.

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Meet a selection of our acclaimed coaches developing instant Programs for employees and executives to live a more balanced life.

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