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ShamanX Instant Coach, the workplace wellness and productivity app for sustainable people in successful companies.

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Our History

  1. Enabling the sustainable company

    Dan Vogel co-founded and was the CEO for 17 years of Enablon, the global leader in Sustainability Enterprise Software.
    Enablon is used by more than one million employees and executives in more than 1000 global companies, all big consulting firms, in 160 countries to improve health, safety, environmental and social conditions.

  2. Enabling sustainable investment

    Dan supports multiple sustainability Projects, Companies, CEOs and Funds in Europe and North America.

  3. ShamanX

  4. ShamanX Instant Coach: R&D on coaching and soft skills development

  5. ShamanX Instant Coach B2C Application Launch

  6. ShamanX Instant Coach B2B Application Launch

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